Discontinued and blowout Hardwood Flooring

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Updated 5/4/21

Somerset Hardwoods

Specialty Oak Mountain Brown
3/4" Solid random Width
775sf available
Engineered random width
152sf available

Specialty Oak Rustic Grey
3/4" Solid Random Width
175sf available
Engineered Random Width
1102sf Available

Specialty Oak Country Night
3/4" Solid Random Width
800sf available
Engineered Random Width
532sf available

Character Plank 5" Maple Onyx
3/4" Solid
150sf available

Character Plank 4" Hickory Saddle
3/4" Solid
400sf available

Character Plank 3 1/4" Hickory Ember
3/4" Solid
925sf available

Character Plank White Oak Natural
1/2" Engineered
3 1/4" 280sf available
5" Wide 400sf Available

Handcrafted Dark Forest
1/2" Engineered
Multiwidth 1330sf available

Handcrafted Antique Bronze
1/2" Engineered
Multiwidth 494 sf available

Handcrafted Ocean
1/2" Engineered 6" Wide
240 sf available

Builders Grade Red Oak Natural
1/2" Engineered 3 1/4" Wide
1720 sf available