Discontinued and blowout Luxury Vinyl Tile

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Updated 1/18/22

Novalis Innovative Flooring

Lyndon Willamsburg
NLP201 Glue Down - 72 sf available
NLP201-U (urethane, glue down) - 468sf available
NLP201-HDC (click) - 183.04sf available

Lyndon Jamestown
NLP203HDC Click - 45.76 sf available

Lyndon Philadelphia
NLP206HDC (click) - 2104.96 sf available
NLP206-UC (urethane, click) - 69.37sf available

Lyndon Montgomery
NLP207HDC Click - 114.40 sf available

Lyndon Bristol
NLP211-U (urethane, glue down)- 252 sf available

Davidson Delancy
Glue Down
216 sf available

Davidson Astor
Glue Down
1696 sf available

Beauflor LVT

Shore Daybreak
998.34 sf available

Raskin Gorilla Floors

Elevations Breckenridge
ELEV 614
2424 sf available

Elevations Miami
ELEV 648
1395 sf available

Elevations Salem
ELEV 623
2420 sf available

Loft Portland
55.80 sf available

Berry Alloc

Dream Click Pro
Evergreen Oak Sand 008
1416.87 sf available