Discontinued and blowout Luxury Vinyl Tile

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Updated 8/9/22

Novalis Innovative Flooring

Style Cracked Ash Grey
2468.74sf available

Style Cracked Dark Brown
3330.47sf available

Style Cracked Greige
2585.19sf available

Style Cracked Natural Brown
2818.09sf available

Style Elegant Dark Grey
1676.88sf available

Style Elegant Medium Grey
4588.13sf available

Style Elegant Natural
1234.37sf available

Style Vivid Natural
861.73sf available

Serenbe Urabn Oak Selbourne
NSP405 - (glue down)
1081.43sf available

NLP201-U (urethane, glue down) - 396sf available
NLP201-HDC (click) - 45.76sf available

Lyndon Jamestown
NLP203HDC Click - 45.76 sf available

Lyndon Philadelphia
NLP206HDC (click) - 960.96 sf available
NLP206-UC (urethane, click) - 68.37sf available

Lyndon Montgomery
NLP207HDC Click - 114.40 sf available

Lyndon Bristol
NLP211-U (urethane, glue down)- 252 sf available

Davidson Delancy
Glue Down
216 sf available

Davidson Astor
Glue Down
1696 sf available

Beauflor LVT

Raskin Gorilla Floors

Prima Pecan 402
162.75 sf available

Prima Red Oak 407
116.25 sf available

Provence Woods Country 302
116.25 sf available

Provence Woods Bordeaux 304
1371.75 sf available

Modern Ceramic Cocoa 201
860 sf available

Modern Ceramic Suede 203
3020 sf available

Elevations Breckenridge
ELEV 614
960 sf available
Pallets Only

Elevations Salem
ELEV 623
1460 sf available
Pallets Only

Loft Portland
55.80 sf available